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The following are examples of itineraries that can be carried out. They include visits to the most exciting diving spots in the area of Raja Ampat with the goal of diving three or four times per day. Please note that any trip plan is subject to change based on the currents, waves and weather in the region around Raja Ampat. Strong currents, for example, may mean that the exact location and/or timing of the planned dives may have to be altered on safety grounds and to suit the local conditions. Since we offer holidays exclusively to small groups (maximum six divers) it is always possible to discuss and agree an alternative itinerary following consultation with the Captain and other guests.

Travel Itinerary 12D/11N Northern part of Raja Ampat

Day 1

At noon, following a short flight from Manado, Makassar or Jakarta, you land at Sorong. We will be waiting for you there to take you to the harbour where our crew will welcome you on board our ship, the Wellenreng.

Following refreshments and a short tour and explanation about the ship, your safety on board and the plan for the day, we set off in the direction of Dampier area, the first of many areas we will visit during the trip. While we move to the Dampier area you can enjoy the first night aboard the "MS Wellenreng".

Day 2

The morning starts with a light breakfast followed by the first dive at Cape Kri in the waters close to where the ship is anchored. Cape Kri is one of the most popular divesites in Raja Ampat. It's well known for a huge biodiversity. The reef is overgrown by soft and hard corals. Beneath the beautiful underwater landscape you can find swirling schools of tuna, jacks or barracudas convoyed by reef sharks or giant napolean wrasses. The second and third dive will be at Cape Kri, too. Then after a substantial supper there is even the possibility to go night-diving for those who still have energy.



Day 3

In the morning we start diving at one of the most famous manta ray spots of Raja Ampat - Manta Sandy. You will observe giant manta rays while they stay at the cleaning station. It's common to see more than five or six manta rays simultaneous at the cleaning station. After a healthy breakfast we do our second dive at Manta Sandy. At midday we leave Manta Sandy but don't worry we will be back soon. Our next divesite for the third and night dive will be the famous Arborek Jetty. There are some resident beautiful anglerfishes and colorful corals which offers a secure home to schools of glassfish. Between the two dives we will visit the village that owns the jetty.



Day 4

In the early morning we sail to the north to the Gam area. After an extensive breakfast, we visit the diving spot Takat Yanggelo. After doing the big stuff like manta rays we focus now on the small stuff like pygmy seahorse. The first dive will be in the southern part. After a short break we will explore the northern part of Takat Yanggelo. In the evening it's time for the third dive at Citrus Ridge. This beatiful divesite is located between Gam and the Yanggelo Islands. You can explore huge orange and purple soft corals covered with thousands of glassfishes and a white sandy bottom with some surprises. Before dinner you can do a night dive at Citrus Ridge.



Day 5

Today we focus on the top diving spots around Aljui. This area is well known for its pearl farm. During the day we will visit the pearl farm and learn more about pearls and how they harvest them. Be careful if you travel with your wife because the pearl farm has a nice shop with giant pearls. ;-) The diving around Aljui offers great muck diving. We will observe a lot of strange marine life and another beautiful jetty with big schools of fish. In the night we do one of the best night dives in Raja Ampat. If we are lucky enough we can observe the walking shark as it's very common in this area. At night the Wellenreng moves to the north and anchors in Wajag.

Day 6

After an early morning dive in paradise you enjoy a leisurely breakfast while you savor a fantastic landscape. Wajag is famous for a breathtaking landscape. Now it's time to decide. You can either go diving around this area or you can take a kayak and explore the untouched nature around Wajag. Crystal clear blue water and small islands overgrown with palms and other tropical vegetation. In the evening we will ascend a big mountain and you can take amazing pictures or just relax and enjoy the view.


Day 7

Another great day around Wajag. Go diving or just explore the island. It's up to you. During the day we sail through the area of Wajag and check out the rest of Wajag. In the evening it's time to leave the paradise Wajag. 

Day 8

Now we sail to the south. After an early morming dive at Black Rock we move to the next beatiful divesite called Eagle Rock. Three rock pinnacles rises above water. We are going to dive from one pinnacle to the next. The next dive will be at the main rock. After the third dive we move to the area of Aljui bay again. Another great night dive at the pearl farm waits for us.

Day 9

At night the Wellenreng moves to the Fam islands. We will do a early morning dive at Takat Penemu. Beatiful reefs covered with giant softcorals. After an extensive breakfast we will do our second and third dive at Melissa's garden. You will experience a wide range of ocean wildlife. Pygmy seahorses, really giant giant clams or white banded sea snakes. Melissa's garden is a wild beauty.


Day 10

In the early morning we head off in the direction of Cape Kri. We enjoy one of the last days of this great itinerary in one of the best dive areas of Raja Ampat. In the morning we dive at Mansuar. It's well known for huge hard and soft corals. Depending on the current we do a relaxing drift dive. After an enjoyable first dive we sail to Cape Kri and spend the rest of the day in this area for extraordinary diving.

Day 11

Last diving day of the trip. What could be a better end for this awesome trip than diving with manta rays? Before we leave the Dampier area and head off in the direction of Sorong we do two last dives at Manta Sandy. In a depth of 18m we observe the beauty of manta rays during two dives. At midday we leave Manta Sandy and sail to Sorong.


raja-ampat-itierary-21Day 12

Time to say bye bye. After a healthy breakfast you will be picked up by our bus.