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Dear diver,

to make the dives as comfortable as possible for you we offer EAN 30 for a maximum of three day dives. Nightdives are always on air. Each day of diving with Nitrox (including three day dives) costs 16 Euro per day. Diving with Nitrox is only allowed if you are a certified Nitrox diver. As we operate in remote destinations you need to preorder your Nitrox air. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability because the oxygen suppliers are not always reliable in Indonesia.

Dive Insurance

Dear diver,

we require you to have a dive insurance for the case of a diving accident. If you do not have a diving insurance we kindly ask you to take out a diving insurance. There are several insurance companies like DAN or aqua med.

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Please note the mobile phone number 0062 8124 612 5111 of the Cruise Director Roland. Please use this phone number only for any problems or emergencies during your journey. If you have any questions before your journey please use our contact form on our website or use our email address.

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