the boat

MS Wellenreng

Entirely made of wood in the traditional Indonesian style! Specially selected teak has been used for the individually designed interior.
The 22-meter long diving liveaboard Wellenreng is not just a beauty.
Your private Liveaboard offers you lots of room, a beautiful interior and the most modern equipment for your comfort. 

Beauty versus security

“Nice and safe” was our motto when we built and equipped the Wellenreng.

Wellenreng is equipped with modern safety equipment such as safety rafts, GPS, sonar, radar, sat phone, etc. and fully stocked with medical first aid kit and medical oxygen to help you if an accident happens. All crew members undergo a training in emergency management procedures.
Our cruise director will give you a safety briefing during your first day on board.

Comfort and equipment

Of course your private diving Liveaboard is equipped with its own fresh water maker, 2 generators to offer enough fresh water and 24 hrs energy. We do have a black water holding tank to protect our oceans from waste water.

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