Diving in Borneo - Kalimantan

At the eastern coast of Borneo at the Indonesian part - Kalimantan - diving is quite spectacular but still pretty unknown. Here in the warm Celebes Sea very diverse dive sites around the offshore islands of Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban are waiting for us divers. In addition, the untouched south atoll of Maratua is waiting to get discovered by divers.
During our cruises through these beautiful islands you will find great adventures under and above the sea.

... lets get spoiled!

Derawan Island

The most closest island to shore is Derawan Island. The shallow waters around this inhabited island are the home of giant turtles and small creatures. Perfect to start a cruise! Derawan is a true paradise for makro lovers. Look out for the giant jawfish or several nudibranches, stargazers or seahorses.



Maratua Island

Deep drop offs, channels with ripping currents and a huge quiet lagoon – that is maratua. Surrounded by the deep waters of the Celebes Sea the chances to observe big pelagics are high. Grey reefsharks, tresher sharks and one of the biggest barracuda school we ever have seen in Indonesia are waiting for you. Not to forget the tons of turtles you can find in Maratua waters.
The most popular divesite is the Maratua Channel, also named "Big Fish Country". Everything can happen at this divesite. Schooling fish, sharks, eagle rays and once we even saw a whaleshark and a Mola Mola.

... lets get surpriced!

barracudas2grey reefshark


Kakaban Island - Jelly Fish Lake

Around 1 hour from Maratua the island of Kakaban is famous for its unqiue "Jelly Fish Lake". Millions of not stinging jellyfishes raise against the water surface during sunny days. Our clients have the opportunity to swim with them and enjoy the rainforest atmosphere around it.
But the real wonder of this lake is located under the mangroves and overhanging trees. This mangroves are covered by sponges, anemones and shellfish. More colorful as the coral reefs around the island. You can find endemic fishes as well as nudibranches and seasnakes.
Photographers paradise – with no doubt!

Back in the ocean we keep two challanging dives for you. A cleaning station for tresher sharks and blacktip oceanics as well as the legendary barracuda point with best chances to spot huge pelagics.

jellfishlake4jellystefan 2



Back on a tropical island with shallow reefs and sourrounded by coral gardens. Sangalaki is known for its Manta cleaning station and the turtle hatching station on the island. Most of our clients have the chance to release young baby turtles just before sunset in the big ocean.

manta mirrow3turtel reef komodo


The deep south

We call it the "Deep South", because south of Maratua there is an atoll located waiting to get explored. We found already a tresher shark cleaning station and several good divesites with wonderful drop offs covered with huge seafans and soft corals.
On the crossings we had once the chance to snorkel with a group of orcas and pilot whales.
Here in the wild, far from civilisation, everything is possible.

tresher sharkreef34


The whale shark pangas

Never seen a whaleshark? Ok - that is your day!
Closer to the mainland we are visiting the fishing pangas of Berau. This floating islands are magnets for whalesharks who like to get something from the nightly catch of the fishermen. Since generations fishermen drop their bycatch back in the water and the whalesharks are waiting for this easy catch. It is an early morning adventure only, but something you will never forget.