for divers

Which diver do you want to be?

As a guest of Wellenreng you explore the underwater paradise of Indonesia as one of only 6 diving guests.
Experience the beauty and residents of the sea in the way it should be – quiet and peaceful !

Diving logistics

  • large 2-engine fiberglas tender boat for up to 10 Pax, equipped with tank holders and private seating
  • 12 liter aluminium diving tanks with DIN / INT valves
  • 15 liter diving tanks with DIN / INT valves on request
  • personal storage boxes for equipment
  • fresh water rinsing tanks for cameras & computers
  • air gun for cameras
  • Nautilus Lifeline locator on request
  • Nitrox for a fee

Diving service

On Wellenreng equipment hauling is a taboo. Our crew will take care of the tank exchange, bring your equipment on the dive boat and back up your equipment on the mother ship at the end of the day. If you like we even wash your gear.
All of our dives are guided by a professionel local diveguide. Our diving boat is always present in the area during the dive to provide maximum security.

Passion for diving

… experience nature as undisturbed as possible!

We always try to get out of the way of the big boats. As a small private liveaboard we can be much more flexible and adapt our routes to the wishes of our guests and the prevailing environmental conditions.
As a guest of our Wellenreng you are more than just one of many!

… the natures law is very simple:

less divers – more silence !

more silence – more experience !

less bubbles – more experience !

less disturbance – more experience !

* all pictures and content are under copyright from Michael Christ & Adrian Schoene